Volunteering for Birthdays Remembered has a positive impact on our community – the Valley of the Sun. It is also a two-way street. Volunteering helps you network, gives you the satisfaction of incorporating service into your life, and gives you new opportunities to build new skills. School clubs and church missions can participate, as well as corporations. Make this world a better place. Volunteer!

Birthdays Remembered


The mission of Birthdays Remembered is to provide birthday gift packages for any child in Arizona whose need is identified by a partner agency. Birthdays Remembered will ensure the quality, consistency, and integrity of gifts delivered by attempting to match gifts with the child’s request whenever possible.

Gift Donations


Birthday packages consist of a gift of the child’s request (up to $25.00 in value), an age appropriate book, small craft items when available, a blank birthday card for the parent to sign, and wrapping paper to wrap the gift. These come inside a fabric bag or backpack for the child to decorate and make their own. Packages will be presented to the parent or caregiver to give to their child. No child should know that their package came from Birthdays Remembered.

We exist because every child has a birthday, but not every family is able to celebrate with a gift.

Birthdays Remembered partners with agencies in Arizona to ensure every child’s birthday is a celebration for the parents as well as the child. We are unique because we present gifts to the parents so the child is never aware their gift started with Birthdays Remembered.

We’ve started a new year!!!

Our new fiscal year starts June 1, 2013. We have set a new goal of 150 for the 2013-2014 and already we are well on our way to that goal
We did it!!!  Birthdays Remembered delivered 150 gifts in just 6 months   As the year continues we continue to deliver gifts.  We have now delivered 174 gifts this year.  That is 174 children who had their birthdays celebrated.

Our goal by June 1, 2014      Delivered to date
150                                           218

Did you know we have delivered  305

gifts since our very first gift on November 23, 2011?
Help us meet our new goal by identifying children needing birthday gifts or by donating gift cards, blank birthday cards, wrapping paper, books, or reusable fabric bags or backpacks. Learn more about donations.   

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