Our partners help us by identifying children and families in need of a birthday gift. If you are interested in working with Birthdays Remembered to celebrate a child, please contact us.

List of Partner Agencies

What we ask of our partners:

  • Identify a child to be a recipient of a birthday gift.
  • If possible, tell us what the child is hoping for in a birthday gift.
  • PLEASE give us at least five days advance notice and a maximum of one month.
  • Complete the form below.

What we will do:

  • Birthdays Remembered volunteers will purchase the gift.
  • The gift package will be delivered to the agency for delivery to the family.
  • The gift package will consist of the requested gift (up to $25.00), a book, craft and other small items as available, a blank birthday card for the parent to sign, and wrapping paper. These will be contained in a reusable fabric bag or backpack.

Gift Recipient Information

Please submit at least five days in advance.




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Description of Gift Requested:

Partner Agency:

Agency Address:

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